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Thanks Dehart

A neighbor just three houses down from my own, had her home broken into and her deceased husbands family heirlooms were ransacked, many were stolen and the rest were damaged beyond repair. That’s a nightmare I chose not to experience, so I spoke to Matt at Dehart Alarms and he went above and beyond my expectations to make sure that I felt safe and comfortable in my own home.


North Naples

I’ve always had this undeniable anxiety that my home and business were vulnerable to the criminal element in south Florida, but after a consultation with the folks at Dehart Alarms, I can rest easy knowing that my property stays under my roof where it belongs and not in the hands of someone else.


Fort Myers Beach

My vacation home has always been my escape from the punishing weather of the northeast, and leaving it empty for several months out of the year is something that always made me uncomfortable until I contacted Dehart Alarm Systems. Now when I’m being pelted by unforgiving rain and snow, I can find comfort in the fact that my paradise vacation home in south Florida is safe under the watchful eye of the folks at Dehart


Bonita Springs

At my age, Hurricane season is something that terrifies me beyond belief, but having my Panic pendant and the comfort knowing that my home is being monitored by the professional and courteous staff at Dehart Alarms, I can worry no more. Dehart will always be there to ensure that my home and I are safe and secure


Marco Island

Living on Marco Island is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and sometimes when spring break swings around, I get relatively uneasy at the prospect of my home being damaged or broken into by unsavory individuals, but I don’t have to worry anymore, Dehart Alarm systems keeps track of my safety and wellbeing with their swift and efficient monitoring systems.”


Golden Gate

Living in a working class neighborhood has its benefits and its pitfalls, and from time to time I get word of someone taking advantage of the lack of security in certain households and businesses, but Dehart Alarm systems alleviated my concerns by installing their home monitoring system in my home and its one less thing to worry about. I have enough on my plate as is, and it’s nice knowing that Dehart is there to protect my interests

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